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Let's Go Four for Four!

Four for Four

What does it mean to be a Four for Four congregation?

By receiving all four of the Special Offerings mandated by the General Assembly:

One Great Hour of Sharing
Peace & Global Witness,
Christmas Joy 

a Four for Four congregation declares its connection with the ministries of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
and joins in the efforts of Presbyterians around the corner and around the world to share God's grace and endless love.


Is your congregation Four for Four?

Check out our map to find out! (Last updated July 25, 2019)

We can help you celebrate your status--or grow to achieve Four for Four status!
If you would like additional information, or if you could help us update your congregation's Four for Four status, simply let us know! Email


Resources (Coming soon!)

If there are resources or tools that would help you promote the Offerings or celebrate your congregation's Four for Four status, let us know! 

We are in the process of developing these and would love your input!
If you would like a certificate or letter of appreciation, we can provide those to you!

You can contact us at (502) 569-5082 or

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