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Leader Support Guide

Get Started with an Offering

Leading your congregation in an Offering should be fun and easy. That’s why, on this page, we simplify the process by giving you everything you need to know to bring an Offering to your congregation.

getting started is easy

How to implement any of these Offerings at your church, step by step:

step 1

Chat with us about your unique situation.

We know you’ve got a lot going on, and that every church is different. So we’ve got a helpful staff member available to help you figure out exactly which of our plug-and-play resources you’re going to need to make an Offering happen at your church.

Contact us to start the conversation, and we’ll schedule a quick call. On the call, we’ll show you all the resources we already have available. And we’ll help you create a plan that’ll make participating easy.

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step 3

Schedule a time for us to talk to your leadership.

We’d love to help you get the rest of the leadership onboard. Our very own Bryce Wiebe is available to come give your team everything they need to know in order to get excited about participating.

Already know you want to schedule a time for Bryce and your leadership?

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step 4

Participate in an onboarding webinar.

Ready to learn more about one specific Offering? Register for an informational webinar to learn everything you need to know to get going quickly. Click the button below to see available webinar times.

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