September 8 - October 6, 2024

Peace & Global Witness

The Peace & Global Witness Offering encourages the church to cast off anxiety, fear, discord and division. So we can embrace God's mission of reconciliation to those around us and around the world. 

confronting hopelessness, thwarting division

Empowering congregations and individuals to become peacemakers themselves.

Through the Peace & Global Witness Offering, congregations are encouraged and equipped to find and address the anxiety and discord that is prevalent throughout this broken and sinful world.

The peace of Christ belongs to everyone, everywhere

Supporting our global siblings

Providing nurturing reconciliation

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Equipping Peacemakers in Congregations and Around the World.

A gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of conflict and injustice across the world. Individual congregations are encouraged to utilize up to 25% of this Offering for peacemaking efforts that align with their passion. Mid-councils retain an additional 25% for ministries of peace and reconciliation. The remaining 50% is used by the Presbyterian Mission Agency to advocate for peace and justice in cultures of violence, including our own, through collaborative projects of education and Christian witness.


Presbyterian Committment to Peacemaking is established

Resources For Peace & Global Witness

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We've put together a variety of materials to help you promote the Peace & Global Witness Offering and share with your members about the work supported by their gifts. This guide will walk you through sharing these materials and some effective ways to participate in and celebrate the Peace & Global Witness Offering. We encourage you to add your own ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm to help increase awareness and giving in your congregation.

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Common Questions

When is the Offering?

The Peace & Global Witness Offering is received during the Season of Peace, which ends on World Communion Sunday. However, your congregation is welcome to celebrate this Offering at any point in the year.

To check or revise your standing order, call Customer Service at 800-533-4371 or email

Congregations remit through their normal receiving agency (usually the presbytery) or Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) P.O. Box 643700 Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700. Mid Councils remit to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) P.O. Box 643751 Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3751

 25% of the Offering stays with local congregations, and 25% with mid councils to unite congregations to support peacemaking in their regions. The remaining 50% is remitted to the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

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When we all do a little,
it adds up to a lot.

The Peace & Global Witness Offering draws Presbyterians together and provides exposure to active peacemakers as well as education and resources to empower congregations and individuals to become peacemakers, themselves.  These collective efforts support resources in dealing with conflict, provide nurturing reconciliation, and stand in support of our global siblings, because the peace of Christ belongs to people everywhere.