"Unstable Connection"

Those two words have taken on a deeper meaning in the past couple of years, haven’t they? For many, the words “unstable connection,” “weak connection” or worse, “lost connection,” are synonymous for an online meeting that has become frozen or dropped off. These dreaded words, popping up on a phone or computer, mean whatever is being offered isn’t getting through. It isn’t able to be shared. The connection is in jeopardy.

But simply stated, we fundamentally need to connect. People need to connect.

Through our Church, we connect, in whatever way we are able, with one another, and celebrate the many ways God connects with us. During Lent, we celebrate that God connects with us through Jesus’ resurrection and connects us with “those who have least” — that’s how Matthew 25 puts it — and that’s what One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is all about. Connecting. People who experience oppression, need, loss or lack, those are the people Jesus connected with, the Bible says, and they are the people we are invited to connect with today.