‘Sometimes we just need help’

The Rev. Sunjae Jung heard God’s call loud and clear. Although maybe not so clearly at first.

“When I heard about a Korean-American Presbyterian church in the Atlanta area, my first answer was, ‘I don’t think it’s my calling,’” he said. “Since I was living in Korea at the time, my first answer was no. Then, they contacted me again and told me the church was in a university city. I remembered being an international student in America when I was young and how much the church there helped me.”

He continued, “Serving as a minister in Korea, I remember praying that if I ever had a chance to help international students the way the church helped me when I was at Iowa State University, I would take it,” he said. “I talked with my wife and our senior pastor in Korea, who said they thought this was a good calling for me. After praying some more, we decided to come serve this church.”