Seeking Light Through Creative Expression

Beirut’s 2020 port explosions shattered Nada Raphael’s world. The devastating blast that tore through the port area of Beirut — one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history — left hundreds dead, thousands injured, an estimated 300,000 people homeless and artists like Raphael psychically wounded.

“Beirut is my city,” said the Lebanese-born photographer, videographer and journalist. “Its pain [is] my pain. I felt the aftermath of the explosion in every bone of my body and I wanted to show this. I want to make sure we will remember. I consider we have a duty to remember what happened and to never forget.”

And now, through a unique program called NABAD, Nada and a host of artists across Lebanon have a new platform through which the memory of the port explosions may be preserved, the resulting trauma processed and some measure of healing achieved by seeking light through creative expression.