"Pentecost Mandela" Coloring Page

We invite you to use this coloring page, designed by A Sanctified Art, to celebrate the Pentecost Offering. Then share your beautiful creations with us on social media!

From the artist: “I decided to imagine the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-21 as a visual, radial narrative using the repetitive and circular movement of a mandala. The Pentecost narrative begins in the center with the people gathered in one place. They are in a circle, divided by their languages and differences. Then, all of a sudden the sound of swirling, violent winds fill the entire space and tongues of fire appear among them. They are filled with the Spirit and at once are able to speak in other languages. The division between the people disappears and the crowd is gathered again in bewilderment because they understand one another. The mandala expands outward from the circled crowd at its center, imaging hearts full of the Spirit and the smoky mist of Joel’s prophecy. The mandala mirrors how the narrative spills into our hearts and overflows, expanding our understanding of the Spirit’s work within us to the ends of the earth.”