Making Progress Through Our Connections

Imagine living in a wealthy country, working, as a family to survive and still feeling like help never finds you. Unfortunately, many of us understand that experience all too well.

Ohel Swade, a farmer living in northeastern Nigeria, shares that experience.

The 52-year-old says, “I do nothing more than farming and my wife does petty trading so our family can eat. We live in a place where help never finds us.” And that is despite Nigeria’s annual ranking among Africa’s wealthiest nations.

Peter Michael Egwudah, program coordinator for the Civil Society Coalition for Poverty Eradication (CISCOPE), says, “Even though Nigeria is one of the wealthiest, oil-producing countries in the world with an abundance of natural resources, the money doesn’t go where it needs to go, to the people.”

Together, we as the Church seek to address poverty with our neighbors here at home and with our neighbors in places like Nigeria. Our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing connect us with our siblings in Nigeria through CISCOPE as they serve Nigeria’s most vulnerable populations, especially women, by acting as an agent of change.