Worship Resources

We invite you to use any or all of these resources in worship on December 19, 2021, or whenever you receive the Christmas Joy Offering. Resources include:

  • Suggested Hymns
  • Opening Sentences
  • Opening Prayer
  • Call to Confession
  • Prayer of Confession
  • Assurance of Pardon
  • Prayer for Illumination
  • Suggested Preaching Text
  • Suggested Sermon Illustrations
  • Affirmation of Faith
  • Prayers of the People
  • Invitation to Stewardship
  • Charge

These worship resources have been carefully prepared by the Rev. Mary Margaret Flannagan, co-pastor at St. Giles Presbyterian Church (Greenville, South Carolina). She formerly worked with the Glory to God hymnal project. A lover of worship and music, Flannagan happily calls herself a church nerd.